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Jul. 13th, 2010


What it's like speaking to my mum on the phone

Mum: So what did you do today?
Me: Well, I got up at 3 and my friend Rachel phoned from America
Mum: Ah right, she's in Florida?
No one is in Florida.Collapse )

Jul. 11th, 2010


Reading blogs makes me want to blog

I'm a nerd like that.

ANYWHOOO, I was just reading a film review and it put me off a film I had wanted to see for a while (Away We Go) and I realised how annoying that was, which is weird since film journalism is something I'm interested in career-wise. I don't know, I guess I could follow up every review with "Still go see it if you want to though!)

Still trying to figure out how to do LJ cutsCollapse )Still figuring out this LJ cut malarkyCollapse )

May. 29th, 2010



Basically, I was back at my primary school but in high school.

I had missed a day at school and also a dance class, making me way behind the class.
I got to the class on the second day and the dance teacher was pretentious as fuuuck. Dancing a-top bars and taking the piss out of me. Anyway, I thought.. FUCK THIS.. and went back to my P7 classroom where my P7 teacher was there but high school folk were in the class.

She was all "You can't just leave that class" and I was like "Yeah, I've decided to live my life where I just do what I want. Besides, that dance class doesn't mean anything. I'm already into Uni. I don't need it."

then she was all up in my grill like "You might need it." and I was all "Eh, no I won't"

and she was like "Most people require that you have some sort of recreational sport"
and I was like "Why? So I can conform to society? It doesn't really matter whether I do sport or not!" by this time the classroom is all up in arms about me being a tard.

Anyway, I eventually thought "fuck this" and went to get my shoes. I knew they were my shoes because the brand was 'Jew' written on the in sole.

I went to walk home and there was a wolf/fox thing. I scared it away. Continued to walk home to my old house.
Then I was at a beach, and I saw dead Michael Jackson being held by another dead Michael Jackson. It was terrifying. Then that was a crime scene.

The rest of the dream was a blur.

May. 26th, 2010


Favourite Movies

May. 21st, 2010


Crazy dream

I slept for 16 hours which usually means CRAZY DREAM LAND.

I can't remember everything but here it is:

- Festival in someones back garden
- Losing my iPod
- Picking up loads of peoples phones and using a leaflet to hold them.
- Found loads of red iPod nano's but none were mine
- Got back to the "House".. turned out the festival was a school trip. School folk were there.
- Found out you weren't allowed to sleep in the beds in the house as the rent had run out. It was 1am. Missed last busses home
- No one offered me a lift home
- Walked into town
- Saw people from school. Turned out I had another dissertation to do for Business Management..NIGHTMARE
- Suddenly in warehouse
- Warehouse full of weird monsters/zombies
- General terrifyingness
- Became part of weird TV show/assault course trying to get through this zombie warehouse
- Suddenly above ground
- Completely nude apart from towel
- Trying to get away from people


May. 19th, 2010


I find it amusing

that it was easier to get into the Journalism & Creative Writing course at Strathclyde than it is to join the ONTD community.

Whether it makes the former less credible or the latter more ridiculous I don't know.

Have a gif.


Gif making site fail

This is completely unrelated to anything but now I've made it. Sigh.

Making GIFS is hard to do.




So I was making a gif story and it was going really well like but then I accidentally x-ed the page which made me be like cos let me tell you the gif party was raving like so obviously I was freaking out like and when I tried to explain to people that I lost my gif story they were like which annoyed me 'cos if they knew what it was like they'd have been like so now that I lost the story I'm just making any old shit up and I know you'll just be like and you'll probably think I've been taking one too many pills like and that's why I'm so crazy like mrs crazy herself so instead I will just chill by myself like so that no one will see this and be like as you can tell I'm struggling now for gifs which makes sense so I'll just post shit like . Now I'm just bored so

May. 2nd, 2010


Listening to 'Only By The Night' for the first time!

I love the first three albums but I hadn't actually listened to Only By The Night until today (Not because I'm a hipster but because I bought the first 3 albums for £12 in a boxset) Anyway, I likey and KOL are fast becoming a fave band of mine.

In other news..this

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